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Digital Channel Summit 2023

Logo design
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The Apple Digital Channel Summit is focused on creating momentum and driving our digital business forward. The concept is inspired by WW Digital Channel's Flywheel, featuring Apple's iconic colors, symbolizing the power of momentum, the strength of our digital business, and endless creativity. The name and slogan of the Summit stand tall in the center, inviting attendees to join us in embracing this power. The logo emphasizes the importance of collaboration and driving digital innovation through a unified approach.

What We Achieved

We Achieved


The concept of the Digital Channel Summit logo features a rainbow color scheme, and abstract circle loops with a star-like shape in the middle, representing the interconnectedness and innovative spirit of the event. The logo also includes the Apple logo, the words "Digital Channel Summit," and the slogan "Unified digital transformation" to emphasize the importance of a strategic approach to digital operations.

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